Master on-location photography: 13-15th May 2019, Provence

Fashion and Fine Art photographer, Michael O’Sullivan, will lead this workshop on how to use natural and artificial light to address the challenges of on location shooting. The workshop will cover the creative, production and technical aspects of creating great on location images. This will be a highly interactive workshop where you will work in small groups, with models, in a variety of locations in Provence, learning and applying these techniques. The goal is to equip you with the skills to replicate these techniques on your own shoots..

This event is hosted by George Greenlee Portraits at Villa Amande 13th-15th May 2019.

Day one 08:30- 16:00 BBQ at 18:00

We will meet in Villa Amande, Reillanne for breakfast and introductions. The day will be spent in and around Reillanne learning how to create great photos using natural light and mixed lighting scenarios. Using the equipment provided each photographer will practice these techniques. During the evening there we will be a review and feedback session on your best shots. The day ends with beer and a BBQ at Villa Amande. 

Day two 08:30 - 16:00

After breakfast at Villa Amande, we will decamp to another location in the Luberon, either Les Mourres or Colorado Provenecal, depending on the weather, where you will have a second chance to apply the techniques from the first day working in the context of a particular project. The evening will end with a second feedback session, and drinks in Reillanne. 

Day 3 08:30 - 11:30

After breakfast at Villa Amande, Michael will lead a 2 hour workshop on postproduction techniques. 


Workshop Cost  €749 per person.

Fee includes accommodation from 12th May - 15th May at Villa Amande, Villa Borg or other locations in Reillanne. Breakfast, 1 BBQ and use of the pool at Villa Amande. Transport to and from Marseille Airport or AIX TGV can be arranged at additional cost.  See full terms and conditions


  • Understand Exposure and camera settings.
  • Travel/Equipment insurance. We can not accept liability for damage to you or your equipment.

Equipement needed:

  • We provide the lighting equipment so just bring your digital camera, lenses, tripod, memory cards and multi-stop neutral density filters. 

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